Family Powerboating

032.jpg This is a fantastic opportunity for a unforgettable day together on the Honda BF150 race boat; Mum and Dad will love putting the boat through its paces, the kids will love the sensation of driving these racing machines.

The experience starts in Shamrock Quay Marina in Southampton, where you will be greeted by our friendly staff. You will then be kitted up with water poof jackets and lifejackets and taken down to your boat by one of our skippers. After a short safety briefing you will jump into the BF150 Honda race boat and cruise along the river and out into Southampton Water; where the experience takes on another dimension when the throttle is opened. You then will all get the chance to drive these fantastic craft at high speed and see how the boat handles when Dad has the wheel! You have a choice of cruising down to the Solent or trying the Powerboat Grand Prix where you are shown around a high speed circuit and then it?s down to you to race each other against the clock!

When we arrive back its time to take a perfect family portrait in the boat, so remember to bring a waterproof camera.

This experience is for a family of 4 people and will last for at least 1 hour in the boat.


Family Powerboating Day voucher £150

Honda 150 Powerboat Experience from Jeremy Penn on Vimeo.

SaberMarine Honda Formula 4 Powerboating from Paul Bennett on Vimeo.